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Useful Information
Free complete Buffet layout with tables and skirting.

Warmers, serviettes, disposable cutlery, chilli sauce and trash bag.

Food best consumed within 2 hours from delivery time.
Additional Charges
$1.00 /pc

(disposable table cover): $6.00/pc

(table cloth & skirting)
$15.00 /pc

Delivery Charge:
$50 (60 pax above FREE)
(Not applicable during festive seasons)

Buffet Menu

No matter how sophisticated your taste buds are,
we’re sure to satisfy your every craving or
hunger strikes you may have.

Deluxe Buffet
$20.00 /pax for 11 Courses

11 dishes + beverage ( Min. 25 pax )
*Any additional dish ordered will be charged at $2 per dish per head
Group 1
Crabmeat Fried Rice w/Scallop Golden Egg Fried Rice
Deluxe Fried Rice w/Prawn    
Group 2
Fried Noodle w/Shredded Duck Fried Prawn Noodle
Assorted Noodle w/Scallop    
Group 3
Broccoli w/Scallop & Mushroom Jade Vegetable w/Scallop
Scallop w/Kailan    
Group 4
Honey Chicken Drumstick Cereal SoftShell Crab
Pork Chop w/BBQ Sauce    
Group 5
Deep Fried Crispy Duck w/Yam Frog Legs w/Ginger & Spring Onion
Sliced Pork w/Special Curry Sauce    
Group 6
Fried Prawn w/Salted Egg Black Pepper Prawn
Baked Oat Cream Prawn Cocktail Salad Prawn
Group 7
Fish Fillet w/Ginger & Spring Onion Shredded Chicken w/Celery & Cashew Nut
  Curry Mutton w/Potato    
Group 8
Scallop Yam Basket Breaded Pincer w/Salad Cream
Yam Ring w/Cashew Nut Deep Fried Scallop
Group 9
Cuttlefish Dough Fritter Smoked Duck w/Ham
Deluxe Cold Cut    
Group 10
Chocolate Eclair Rainbow Agar Agar
Assorted Cakes Durian Puff
Group 11
Tropical Fresh Fruit Seacoconut w/Chin Chow
Sweet Yam w/Gingko Nut Honey Lemon w/Aiyu Jelly
Complimentary Drink
Tropical Fruit Punch Lemon Cordial
Orange Cordial Barley Cordial

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