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FAQ - Buffet


Does your service include the table set-up, warmers, utensils etc.?
Yes. Our service includes the full table set-up with warmers, utensils, serviettes, garbage bags, tables, skirting and cutleries for your guests.

Does all every dishes come with warmers?
Not every dish, only main courses and gravy dishes come with warmers; usually will be 4 warmers or more.

How many cutleries do you provide?
We give 1.5x of the number of pax you have ordered from us.

What is the collection time upon arrival?
The collection time will be at 3 hours upon arrival. According to the NEA ruling, we have to adhere to that.

What time should I have my food arrive if my party starts at …?
Please allow us to have 30 minutes to 1hour for the set-up. Therefore, for example if your guests arrive at 1pm, you should have us arrive at 12pm.

I want to have 2 types of main course. Can I split my orders?
If your orders have more than 50 pax, we are able to split your main course into 25-25. However, we are unable to split the other dishes.

Can I request for takeaway boxes?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with takeaway boxes for the leftover food as it is unsafe to do that and according to the NEA rules, the food is not recommended to be consumed after the time of collection. Thank you for understanding.

Can I extend my time of collection because some of my guests will only arrive late?
We would not be able to extend the collection time as the food not recommended to be consumed after the time of collection as it is unsafe. Thank you for understanding.

Is the food served halal?
Le Xin Catering Pte Ltd is not halal-certificated. However, we use only healthy vegetable oil in the preparation of all catering. 

Do you have food tasting?
We do not have any food tasting services.

Can I order balloons and some other decorative stuff for my party together with the food?
Unfortunately, we would only be able to provide you with food for your parties and celebrations. We would not be able to supply you with other party requirements.