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FAQ - Tingkat Trial Meal


What is a 10 days trial Meal Service?
10 days Trial Meal Service allow customers to try out our tingkat (home meal delivery) service for 2 weeks consecutively. For the trial meal service, customers can only choose 5 days per week (Mon-Fri) tingkat service.

How many days in advance should I place an order for the 10 days trial meal service?
You should place your order 2 working days in advance as our customer service personnel requires 2 working days to process the orders.

How and when should payment be made?
Payment should be made via cash or cheque within the first 3 days prior to the start of tingkat delivery. Le Xin Catering Group Pte Ltd reserves the right to terminate the tingkat service if payment is not made by 3rd day of service. Cash should be handed directly to the driver. Do not put cash in the food carrier. Cheques should be placed in the first level of food carrier with the address and detail of customer written behind the cheque.

What are the dishes served during the 10 days trial meal service? Will it be the same as 20 days contract service?
Yes. Food served during the 10 days trial meal service is the same as food served during the 20 days contract service.

Is rice provided?
No. Plain rice is not provided, should you require additional order of rice, a nominal fee of $5/10days per person will be charged.

Can I terminate the 10 days trial meal service half way through?
No cancellation is allowed. Customers MUST complete the 10 days trial meal service.

What if a public holiday falls on a weekday within the 10 days trial meal service?
There will be a meal replacement on the following weekday after 10 days trial meal service.

After the 10 days trial meal service has ended, will the tingkat service be automatically renew?
Tingkat services will be automatically renewed once trial meal have expired. If customers wish to stop this service and not continue with the standard 20days cycle delivery, he/she will have to contact our customer service or via email 3 working days before the trial meal service expires.