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FAQ - Tingkat


Which days are available for Tingkat delivery?
We deliver our lunch and dinner tingkat service from Monday to Friday; there is no delivery on Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Eve of Christmas, Eve of New Year & Eve of Chinese New Year.    

Can I choose the days of ordering and what are the minimum days for placing an order?
Customers have a choice of making orders for 3/4/5 days. In cases of 3 or 4 days order, you may decide the day of the week that you wish for the tingkat order to be omitted. Please note that no changes can be made upon order confirmation. We would like to clarify that we do not serve 2 days/week or less.

Do we need to return the tiffin carriers on the next day?
Yes. Customers have to return all tiffin carriers the next day. Customers are required to wash the carriers after eating. Please note that customers are responsible for the Cleanliness, Lost and Damage of the tiffin carriers. Please do not place Container/tiffin under direct fire as it might damage the container. We reserve the rights to claim a replacement cost of $27 and above from customer if any of the compartment is stained or dented due to any mishandling by Customer. 

How many dishes will there be?
Customers may have the option to choose a total of either 3 dishes + 1 soup or 4 dishes. Upon order confirmation, no changes can be made to the contract.

Is rice provided?
No. Plain rice is not provided, should you require additional order of rice, a nominal fee of $14/20days per person will be charged. For a healthier choice, brown rice is available at $24/20 days.

Are we able to choose the dishes?
Customers are not able to choose the dishes for tingkat orders. However, customers may request to receive a tingkat menu for the month or the first day of every month. This is to ensure customers are aware of the dishes for the month beforehand. Customers may also arrange for special requirements such as: non spicy, no seafood etc. 

Can I request a specific delivery time for the delivery of tingkat?
The customer cannot request for a delivery time as the delivery of tingkat is based on the route the driver takes. 
However, lunch would probably be delivered between 9.00am-1.30pm and dinner to be delivered between 3pm-7.30pm.

Will the meals be delivered punctually everyday?
While we try to maintain consistency in the delivery timings, we are unable to promise on a specific delivery time. 
Due to the safety of our drivers, delivery may be affected by traffic/weather and other factors that will affect the daily delivery timing.
In cases where our drivers are on medical leave/annual leave, substitute drivers will be used to fulfil Tingkat orders. We seek your understanding that delivery might be slightly delayed should the driver lose his way while delivering your order.

Is your company serving on a monthly or 20 days basis?
The current service is catered for a 20 days cycle. However, customers can opt for a 10 days trial with a $10 admin charge included or a 5 days trial with a $17 admin charge.

What is the latest time to place an order?
Customers have to submit the order form from our website 2 working days in advance and our customer service personnel will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the order. 

Do I need to call in every 20 days to renew my tingkat service?
Please note that after 20days, there will be an auto renewal of the contract. Any termination to the service should be done 3 days in advance. 

What if I have forgotten to call in to terminate and the 20 days auto renew service have started?  
We will prorate according to the number of days the service was delivered and a surcharge of $17 will be imposed. You cannot stop the service immediately. The tingkat service will have to continue for another 3 days before termination. 

If I order both lunch and dinner, will the food be the same?
No. Our menus for both lunch and dinner will be different. Only the soup menu will be the same for both meals.

Will there be any cash refund if I’ve skipped a meal?
No. Customers who wish to skip a meal would have to inform our customer service personnel 1 working day (before 2pm for lunch and 6pm for dinner) in advance. We will replace the meal after the contract period. Aside from this arrangement, no other replacements will be made. Last-minute deferment notices after the stipulated deadline may be subjected as forfeiture of delivery. Our Drivers are not responsible for such notices. 

How and when should payment be made?
For the ordering of tingkat on a 20 days basis, payment should be made via cash or cheque within the first 3 days prior to the start of tingkat delivery. Le Xin Catering Group Pte Ltd reserves the right to terminate the tingkat service if payment is not made by 3rd day of service. Cash should be handed directly to the driver. Do not put cash in the food carrier. Cheques should be made payable to "Le Xin Catering Group Pte Ltd". should be placed in the first level of food carrier with the address and detail of customer written behind the cheque. For Bank Transfer, upon confirmation of the order with our sales representative, a payment instruction with the bank account details will be sent to you.

What should I do if I’ve change of address in the midst of the 20 days contract service?
Customers are required to call 6817 9119 to inform our customer service personnel on the change of address 2 days in advance. Please note that there are certain areas we do not deliver to. 

What happens when no one is at home during the delivery?
The food will be hung on the door. Kindly leave a hook there for the delivery man to hook the food. If you have any specific place for us to place the food at, please inform the driver on the 1st day of delivery or contact our customer service. 

I have special requirements to the food intake; can you omit some items from the food served to me?
We have a number of preference settings available for our customers to choose from - e.g.: “No Chili”, “No Curry” , “No Chicken”, “No Pork”, “No Fish”, “No Fish With Bone”, “No Prawn” , “No Sotong” , “No Beancurd” , “No Vegetable”. However, we regret to inform you that we cannot accommodate any other preference or special dietary requirements apart from the stipulated 10 presets. We also wish to clarify that we do not serve Beef and Mutton. 

Can you use our own containers instead of the company’s?
Unfortunately, we do not accept the usage of other containers except for our company’s. 

Will the food be warm when we receive it?
The food is expected to reach our customers at room temperature, and as such we would always recommend our customers to keep the food in the refrigerator upon receiving the food, and heat up approximately 2~3 minutes of high heat in the microwave, or 11~15 minutes of steaming prior to consuming the food, for hygiene reasons.

What happens if it is a public holiday, do you do a refund?
If a Public Holiday falls within the period of a customer’s delivery cycle date range, that public holiday is actually counted as “No-Delivery” and meals will be skipped on that day. In other words, that particular week will only be counted as 4 delivery days. If the customer would verify with the calendar, he/she will be able to notice that the full cycle still has 20 valid dates of delivery.